The powerhouse Charu & Vasundhara present to you Saira, their latest collection that celebrates vintage glamour. Saira is an ode to a vision of a “modern maharani”, where contemporary silhouettes meet royalty. The collection is intriguing and paradoxical, as Charu & Vasundhara amalgamate the essence of spring with rich, bold and luxurious elements.

While one tends to focus on the beauty of a Maharani, Charu & Vasundhara are inspired not just by their beauty, but also by their resilience. As a result, their embroidery is inspired by the beautiful Lotus flower, which can blossom even in a pool of mud. The lotus submerges itself in water every night with its roots latched in mud and miraculously re-blooms the next morning. The ability of the lotus to resurrect itself inspired the design maestro’s to have it as a central element in their latest brainchild.

With subtle detailing like tone on tone embroidery, piping work and royal colours, Saira truly celebrates royalty, beauty and resilience. The collection is a confluence of elements, where royalty meets functionality.